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App/Mobile Site design for Gin Gins, a ginger candy brand.

Gin-gins is an existing ginger candy brand offering a variety of flavors that is available in select stores in limited quantities. When I personally suffered from motion sickness from extensive travel, I found Gin Gins in a corner of my local Whole Foods.    


The candy helps with nausea from chemotherapy, pregnancy, vertigo and travel. It was hard to find in brick and mortar stores and wasn’t available in large quantities for people who prefer to buy it frequently.


Product Design


Solo project

Time frame

2 months


After Effects

Clickable prototype


I created these personas based on real interviews and interacting with friends and peers.

The creation of such personas allowed for me to think of broader, more generalised needs and pain points to help with the design of the product. 

User flow

The user flow to aid the product design process was made using one of the personas shown above.

System map

UI elements

Complete case study on request